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Silit Sicomatic T-Plus 6.5L Pressure Cooker Orange

Silit Sicomatic T-Plus 6.5L Pressure Cooker Orange


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Silit Sicomatic T-Plus 6.5L Pressure Cooker Orange

Quick Overview


Passion Sicomatic T-Plus Pressure Cooker features:

# Made in Germany.

# Extra-sturdy steel core is drawn in one piece, not only on the base of the cookware, but up the sides as well.

# Steel core conducts heat quickly and efficiently, storing it in your cookware and cooking your food evenly.

# Two pressure cooking levels.

# State-of-the-art pressure cooking technology ensures your food is cooked quickly and easily.

# Pressure-cooked food is full of flavour, vitamins and minerals.

# Durable high-gloss ceramic exterior finish is harder than steel, and easy to keep clean.

# Cooking surface is also made from ultra-hard ceramic.

# Nickel-free construction is ideal for allergy sufferers.

# Ceramic surface is non-porous and naturally anti-bacterial.

# Heat-safe handle.

# Suitable for all cooktops – including induction.

# Silit cookware has an ultra-smooth base, which won’t scratch delicate glass cooktops.

Care and Cleaning:

# Energy friendly – the steel core locks in heat, allowing you to use less energy to cook than ever.

# However, due to its ceramic construction, Silit cookware is also extremely resistant to cooking at high temperatures.

# Hand wash recommended.

Diameter: 25cm.

Capacity: 6.5 Litres.

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