About Us

Searching for quality and modern products befitting to be in your home? With a wide selection of the latest in kitchenware and home décor trends, the store concept is targeted at bringing quality lifestyle products to your home. We carry a combination of well-known international brands that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Urban, yet timeless designs of our home décor and tableware items and quality kitchenware for your health and convenience, Kitchenwareking.com provides a unique shopping experience that will transcend your expectations.

History and Incorporation

Katrin BJ Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 6 October 1982 in Malaysia under the Company Act. The Company is principally engaged in the importation and distribution of branded house wares to retail, institution and corporate market in Malaysia and Singapore. 

We continuously strive to be creative and are 100% committed to MARKETING. We do not just sell the products, we market the products. We ensure repeated sales and Brand Building is part of our daily activity. We are reputed to be dynamic and aggressive in our marketing as we always strive to occupy major shelve space in most of the outlets we supply to. 

With over 25 years of experience in meeting the demands of our customers and the goodwill that it has accumulated over the year, the Retail Trade sees KBJ as one of the top suppliers of house wares in Malaysia. 

In an effort to expand business to Singapore, we have set up a Singapore company name Katrin BJ Pte Ltd in August 2002. The main goal of setting up the company is to expose the brands that we handle and to expand KBJ’s business.

Direction of Kitchenwareking.com

We would like to touch on the underlying reasons that influence our company’s direction. Malaysia is a very young nation with a very young population and a growing middle class with better purchasing power. However, most do not have “any idea” about what cookware to buy. Yet in every aspect of our daily life, cooking is a basic necessity and cookware is just as essential. 

As a marketer of cookware, Katrin BJ believe that it is our duty to recommend and educate our consumers the right types of cookware to suit their lifestyle and different needs. This is crucial as consumers today are confused by all the choices that are presented to them. 

We have through the 25 years in this business realized that in order to meet the differing needs of consumers, we have to provide a wide range of cookware ranging from non-stick, hard anodized to stainless steel etc. The brands that we brought into Malaysia are internationally the best and we always represent the brands exclusively. The OEM brands that we own are well marketed and are sourced from the top manufactures that are used by the top international brands. 

Through the years, we have not wavered from our direction and are very focused to ensure a wider range of cookware and household items to be provided at different price level for all our customers.

Company Mission Statement

Be the leading household distributor in Malaysia providing a complete range of quality house wares and quality lifestyle as well as living standard of the consumers at affordable prices. 

To facilitate the achievement of our mission we have identified the following factors for our strategic focus. 

* To provide quality and to make available a wide assortment of house-ware products at affordable prices
* To provide knowledge and utility value to our end consumer through our sales consultants at store level and dissemination of information
through leaflets, providing ‘Use and Care’ literature and conducting cooking classes and demonstration
* To provide ongoing training for the stores buyers and operation retail staff to equip them with knowledge of the products and to improve their customer service skill.

To all of you, from all of us at Kitchenwareking.com - Thank you and have fun shopping!