Scanpan - Classic Roasting Dish with Rack 39 x 27cm

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Anyone who has tried to cook a roast of any appreciable size will know that a roaster is a huge improvement over those disposable, oversized pie plates that buckle under the challenge of a holiday feast. Similarly, anyone who has suffered through a dry turkey, chicken, beef, etc has probably wished they also bought a cover for their roaster to keep the moisture in. With all of this in mind, Kitchenware Direct is offering this superb combo for a limited time only to give you the best roasts ever!

If there are people out there who enjoy cleaning the dreaded roasting pan, then they will be sorely disappointed here. Cleaning time will be reduced to a matter of seconds with a few wipes of a sponge. That's the result of the most technologically sophisticated titanium nonstick coating around.

Pressure cast aluminium sees to it that the roaster heats evenly that will give you the best possible results.

Constructed from mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel, the roaster lid fits over the roaster perfectly (as you'd expect), sealing in moisture and keeping your roasts juicy and flavourful. It's also equipped with a tempered glass viewing panel that allows you see your food while it is cooking.

Please note: The roasting pan is made in Denmark and the lid is manufactured under rigid licence to Danish specifications in China.

Since 1956, Scanpan has been an industry-leading developer of cookware technologies. All Scanpan products are manufactured to exacting standards of quality. Scanpan cookware is solidly constructed, beautifully finished and designed to withstand the heaviest use. Scanpan backs up all of their products with a 10-year guarantee .

A brand from Denmark

Classical music. Classic literature. Classic art. Even classic rock!

The word “Classic” isn’t one to be thrown around lightly. It’s applied to only the best and the brightest – the height of achievement in a specific field.

Like Scanpan Classic, for example. Scanpan Classic is Scanpan’s original range of quality Danish cookware. It’s got ergonomic handles, a non-stick ceramic titanium cooking surface, it’s easy to clean. Somehow, just like a symphony orchestra, everything about Scanpan Classic just seems to work together in harmony. And the result? A Classic!

If your kitchen is your favourite place in the world, then you’ll love working with Scanpan Classic cookware. It’s perfect for the kind of everyday cooking that you love so much. You know what they say – don’t mess with the classics!

Medium Roasting Dish features:

  • Made from pressure-cast aluminium for optimum heat conductivity.
  • Tough ceramic titanium non-stick cooking surface is guaranteed against blistering and peeling when used correctly, and is even safe to use with metal cooking utensils.
  • Includes a heavy gauge aluminium roasting rack.

    Care and Cleaning:
  • Energy friendly – low to medium heat required only.
  • Easy to clean, non-stick surface may be scrubbed with a scourer when required.
  • Hand wash recommended.

    Extra Care Tips:
  • After cleaning, dry and rub a little oil onto the non-stick surface. This will help the non-stick surface maintain its non-stick properties for even longer.

    Dimensions: 39 x 27 x 7cm (external).
    Capacity: 5L.
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