Silit Sicomatic T 2.5L Pressure Cooker Green (No Insert)

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For decades Silit has stood for top-of-the-line products which make the mark by virtue of their excellent quality, optimal functionality and sophiscated design. Trail-blazing innovations such as the Sicomatic or the nickel-free, anti-bacterial high-tech cookware materials Silargan and e30 have revolutionized the world of wellness cuisine. Thanks to modern technologies, cutting-edge product development and consistently high "Made in Germany" quality, Silit has become an internationally market-leading manufacturer of products for the modern kitchen. We put passion and know-how into our unceasing efforts to make cooking easier, more plaesurable, more healthy and ecologically beneficial all the time. design is an integral component of Silit's entrepreneurial philosophy. Numerous awards have confirmed the exceptional esthetics and design of Silit products.

Passion Sicomatic T-Plus Pressure Cooker features:
-  Made in Germany.
- Extra-sturdy steel core is drawn in one piece, not only on the base of the cookware, but up the sides as well.
- Steel core conducts heat quickly and efficiently, storing it in your cookware and cooking your food evenly.
- Two pressure cooking levels.
- State-of-the-art pressure cooking technology ensures your food is cooked quickly and easily.
- Pressure-cooked food is full of flavour, vitamins and minerals.
- Durable high-gloss ceramic exterior finish is harder than steel, and easy to keep clean.
- Cooking surface is also made from ultra-hard ceramic.
- Nickel-free construction is ideal for allergy sufferers.
- Ceramic surface is non-porous and naturally anti-bacterial.
- Heat-safe handle.
- Suitable for all cooktops – including induction.
- Silit cookware has an ultra-smooth base, which won’t scratch delicate glass cooktops.

Care and Cleaning:
-Energy friendly – the steel core locks in heat, allowing you to use less energy to cook than ever.
- However, due to its ceramic construction, Silit cookware is also extremely resistant to cooking at high temperatures.
- Hand wash recommended.

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