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Mastrad Gourmet Papillpte 600cc- Raspberry

Mastrad Gourmet Papillpte 600cc Raspberry

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  • Mastrad Gourmet Papillpte 600cc- Raspberry

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Mastrad Gourmet Papillpte 600cc Raspberry

Quick Overview

In 1994, mastrad Inc. is established in France Paris specializes in conceived of the new kitchen tools and the commercialization of. Pursuing ease of use and functionality and quality, all products are conceived and not to neglect a aesthetic point of view too. The product was conceived all the requested beauty. Mastrad Inc. became indispensable in the field of cooking utensils manufacturer has continued pursuing the goal of "creating impeccable seen from anywhere by using high-tech materials, beautiful designs, innovative products.".

This fantastic, new way of cooking takes into account the constraint of your busy life whilst offering a way of cooking which is full of flavour and nutrients. It enables you to cook without fat and offers the same advantages as a steamer or a wrap. Perfect for quick cooking in the oven or microwave. Silicone does not stick, and is quick and easy to wash. Rigid grip handles for easy carrying.

Regular Price: MYR119.00

Special Price MYR69.90

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Silicone versatile containers developed by mastrad, steaming, baking, corresponding to any recipe, simmer handy with lid is active in the oven, microwave, freezer, refrigeration. Thought the nutrition and calorie food in retort easier and faster! As tableware can be used verbatim. Easy to clean. Without a non-stick and dishwasher also can be used. Ideal for Cake Pan by taking off the lid. With its own recipe book. Without the lap times available. Microwave cooking is economical and very green!

"Easy, fast, tasty and healthy ' Papillote was developed as a theme is new product announcement in France until now, have been increasingly buzz as a popular commodity. Instant foods, not just a little bit of time and end up having put very little effort, and delicious home cooking. Please please help make your eating habits.

Silicone container of steaming, baking, corresponding to any recipe, simmer handy with lid 

-In the microwave, Cook tasty steamed! 

Why Papillote and heated swings not be delicious?

Thanks to the specially designed lid, steam generated and condensed into fine particles, again distributed in a container, evaporate again. Cooked foods by repeatedly rotated and thus water in an enclosed container.

-Oven Cooking too! 
Oven, remove the lid, you can use like cake pan or baking dish. If lid oven steamed dishes delicious.

Non-oil with delicious healthy cuisine

Cooking in a short time, with destruction of vitamin, missed material of taste and nutrition. From the non-oil cooking is good at metabolic syndrome countermeasures and diet, diet are also great.

Attractive excellent heat-resistant features and ease of use

- From-40 ° c 220 ° c heat-resistant temperature! 

Microwave oven to the oven, frozen, chilled to. 

- As-stylish dish! 

Stylish design, transforms into a dish from cooking utensils. 

- Is not hot! 

Hand part is not hot by heating in the microwave, because easily transportable.

- Unbreakable lightweight, even! 

Busy people can use to worry about families with children and elderly homes.

- Easy to clean

Material from adhering, defaulted, so speedy wash. Both sponge and dishwasher is OK.

Good microwave cooking so far

- Microwave cooking 

Microwave is a versatile equipment capable of cooking of steaming, boiling, baking, warm. Can be cooked without oil in that range for the useful and healthy cooking. Which Cook could easily, so perfect for someone who has been busy dinner time and living alone! From today by utilizing the range simple, fast, delicious, healthy dishes to try!

- Good microwave oven so far 

1. Anyway cooking is easy! 
2. Rapid cooking time! 
3. Collapsed as the type it! 
4. Nutrients that flow easily! : Boiled vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and they pave the way to tend to flowing water. Nutritional content of should be taken with meals decreases because of it.
5. Oil is kept to a small amount! : Usually had a oil in a frying pan cooking, microwave oven in non oil & transformed into healthy cooking by Braising.

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