Kitchen Craft Pure Oriental 2-Tier Bamboo Steamers 20cm

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The steamer is a healthy way of cooking vegetables and fish as it helps to preserve vitamins, minerals, flavours and colours of food. Create a fusion of flavours, sampling the taste sensations of Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Chinese.

For a true authentic feel, the bamboo steamer is made from natural, woven bamboo and comes complete with a matching removable lid. It also has two tiers to cook different foods. The steamer is easy and simple to use, just add water into a saucepan, wok or stockpot and bring to the boil. Line the steamer slats with cabbage leaves or parchment paper to prevent food sticking to the bamboo and to keep the steamer clean. Then, just stand the steamer in water to steam the food. The steamer comes with an inspirational oriental recipe to get you started. 

  • Medium two tier bamboo steamer with lid, made from natural woven bamboo
  • Ideal for cooking vegetables, fish, rice, cous cous and dim sum
  • Preserves vitamins, minerals, flavours and colours and is simple to use in conjunction with saucepans, woks and stockpots
  • Diameter of 20 cm/8 inch, handwash only
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