Brabantia Quickpull Corkscrew

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Variety of wines from different countries has resulted in a variety of bottleneck sizes. The Brabantia Quickpull deals with both small and large bottlenecks perfectly. A must-have for any connoisseur.

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* Extra wide body - suitable for all bottleneck sizes
* Smart decorking mechanism - Cork comes automatically out of the bottle and out of the corkscrew
* Extra large turning handle - Opens wine bottles smooth and effortlessly
* Open spiral with non-stick coating and super grounded tip - no cork residue in the wine
* Centring ring - spiral bores always in the centre of the cork
* Dishwasher proof

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Weight 0.4500
Dimensions Length: 155 mm Width: 80 mm Depth: 43 mm
Manufacturer Brabantia
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