ScanPan Classic 3pcs Knife Set

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This trio of indispensable knives will genuinely enhance the chef's time in the kitchen and at the dining room table.

As most will agree, the cook's knife is the most-used tool when it comes to food preparations, and having a good one like this makes the work much easier. The same can be said for the small paring knife; detail work can be done very efficiently.

The long, thinner blade of the carving knife allows the chef/host to bring elegant slices of roast or ham to the guests' plates, upping the score when it comes to presentation.

Quality, functionality, durability and design: these are the defining characteristics of Scanpan's stylish and affordable Classic range of kitchen knives. Scanpan Classic knives are hot-drop forged from single blanks of high-grade German stainless steel and individually tested against rigorous standards to ensure that each blade has been accurately tempered to a consistent hardness of 57 HRC.

With ergonomic rubberized handles that provide a secure grip even when wet and surgically-sharp tapered cutting edges, Scanpan Classic knives make a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Set Includes: 
- 9cm paring knife 
- 20cm carving knife 
- 20cm cook's knife

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