Joseph Joseph Folding Colander Red

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This award-winning design goes from a flat sheet to a sturdy colander in one easy movement. 

Simply hold the two handles, push toward each other and the flat sheet will automatically fold, creating a base and four sides. Clips at either end then engage and lock, forming the colander. To flatten, simply pop out the four locking clips and open out. 

Made from dishwasher safe polypropylene, the design uses twelve 'living' hinges to achieve its transformation.


Folds completely flat
Simply push out the locking clips to fold flat in an instant. Perfect for sliding into a drawer or cupboard, or standing upright against a wall. 

Sturdy carry handles
Large handles make carrying easy and small notches, indented into their edges, allow the colander to be hung without tipping. 

Locking clips
Tabs at each corner of the design lock the colander shape securely and then release it easily for storing flat. 

Folding hinges
Made from polypropylene, these allow the colander to be folded an almost infinite amount of times. 

Large drainage holes
Designed to drain liquids quickly and thoroughly.

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