Glasslock Rectangular Oven Safe Compact 3pcs Set

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Glasslock is one of the leading brands when it comes to producing food keepers and tumblers. Not to mention a high class quality of items, the brand comes in different designs and styles to fit one’s everyday needs in talk of food storage. The one trademark of this brand is their stand to produce crystal clear glasses whether for tumblers or food keepers. The transparent and clear design of the products makes it convenient to identify the food content thus delivering that nice, enticing look atop your table. And since they offer a clear and plain design of food storage, people of all ages can now avail, have and carry their own Glasslock food keepers and tumblers when they go to school, picnic or office! Just always keep in mind that packed lunches are more nutritious (and delicious that is) than those dull food on canteens, so why not have your own storage now?.

Unlike many of today’s food storages that tries to edge the competition through fancy styles and attractive designs, Glasslock food storages mainly focus on safety and satisfaction of consumers, more than anything else. Since we’re talking about food here and just like what Mom’s mindset is, the company is more adherent into creating and producing products that are safe for food storage and any other food activity—that makes them differ from any other. The brand’s items are made of silica, soda ash, limestone and other natural components making their products eco-friendly and recyclable. Plus, Glasslock delivers the flexibility of using it for the microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven, not to mention features like stain-proof, odor-free and air liquid resistant food keepers and tumblers all under one brand name!.

  • Tempered Glass - Strong resistant glass which hardly breaks
  • Versatile Kitchenware - Directly from the fridge, oven, microwave to the table
  • Adaptable for kitchen appliances - Oven, Microwave, Fridge, Freezer, Dishwasher safe
  • Odor & Stain Free - Not a single stain & smell will remain on glass
  • Eco-friendly - Recyclable, free from BPA, estrogen, dioxin etc.
  • Designed for Safe Stacking - Designed for anti-jamming, stackable function
  • Airtight Function - Maintain the freshness of food much longer
  • Innovative locking system - Easy to open and close

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