GreenPan Kyoto Black 33cm x 23cm Oval Fish Pan with Induction

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Kyoto is a basic range of cookware constructed according to GreenPan standards, for sustainability and convenience. A classic design combined with ergonomic stay-cool handles. Each product in the collection is designed with care and is provided with Thermo Lon non-stick coating.

COATING = Thermolon Endurance
Handles = Cast Hollow Stainless Steel Handles

1) Important Safeguards

Read all safety information carefully and thoroughly before using this product!

• Do not allow children near the stove while you cook.
• To avoid injury always use caution when handling hot pots.
• For safety reasons never leave cookware unattended while in use and make sure the handles do not extend over the edge of the stove.
• Do not allow handles to extend over a hot burner, because the handles could get hot.
• The handles of your cookware are constructed to minimize heat transfer. Nevertheless, lids and handles may become hot during prolonged cooking. Use caution when removing lids or lifting with the handles. Touch lightly to be sure the handles have not become hot. Use oven mitts or potholders if necessary.
• Always use oven gloves when removing pans from a hot oven.
• Where Bakelite handles or stainless steel handles with silicone are fitted or glass lids are used always check their temperature resistance before using in an oven.

2) Usage Guide

Before First Use:

• Remove all packaging materials and labels (please recycle rubbish properly)
• Wash in warm soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Recommendations in order not to warp your GreenPan™ product:

• Do not preheat on a high setting.
• When preheating a pan, never leave it un-attended.
• Do not allow the pan to boil dry.
• Do not put hot pans under cold water immediately.

Recommendations for energy-saving and best cooking and frying results:

• Cook on a burner that is approximately similar in base diameter to that of the pan you have selected.
• When cooking on gas, adjust the flame so it does not flare up the sides of the pan.
• Use low heat to warm foods, simmer or prepare delicate sauces.
• Heat settings are very important. Lower heat settings are not only good for energy-saving but also avoids the pan becoming too hot. The nature of ceramics is to hold and distribute the heat more effectively, helping some protein-rich foods cook more quickly.
• For energy-saving, do not use your dishwasher to clean your cookware.

Recommendations for best food release:

• Always start with a clean pan. Wash carefully with a soft cloth or sponge and be sure that you have removed all traces of cooking oil and food before you store your pan.
• Remove food from the refrigerator 10 minutes before you intend to cook or fry.

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