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If you’re tired of searching through the kitchen drawer for the correct utensil, or simply want to reduce clutter, the Uni-tool™ is for you. The ultimate in space-saving design, Uni-tool™ is 5 utensils in 1.

• Slotted spoon
• Turner
• Cutting tool
• Solid spoon
• Spatula 

Made from tough nylon, Uni-tool™ is safe for use with non-stick cookware and heat resistant up to 240°C/480°F. With Uni-tool™ you always have the right kitchen tool to hand, whatever you’re doing. 


Flexible silicone blade - perfect for mixing, scraping and spreading. 

Slotted Spoon
Generously sized with large drainage holes. 

Broad flat surface and blunt edge - perfect for lifting fried foods. 

Cutting Edge
Tough serrated edge for cutting hot food during, and after, cooking. 

Solid Spoon
Tablespoon-sized - ideal for stirring or tasting soups and sauces.

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