Kitchen Craft Master Class Egg Ring

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Master Class Stainless Steel Egg Ring / Pancake Mould (10 cm)

It's so simple to fry eggs that look as delicious as they taste with the Master Class Metal Egg Ring / Pancake Mould.

It’s great if you like your eggs without those pesky burnt edges. And it’s just as good for cooking perfect American-style pancakes, potato rosti, fish cakes and more.

Useful Information

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter.

Durable, Versatile and Easy to Use

Made of highly durable stainless steel, this egg frying ring simply sits in your frying pan, preventing your egg from running as it cooks. It keeps your eggs in a perfectly round shape, even if they’re not completely fresh.

You don't just have to use it in the pan, though. It's also fantastic for cutting nicely-rounded burgers and fish cakes, or forming individual rice rings.

Heat-Resistant Safety Handle

There's no need to worry about burning yourself as you remove this egg ring from your frying pan. It includes a folding handle, which is fitted with a heat resistant knob for safety.

Because the handle folds down, you can store it away conveniently too.

A brand from United Kingdom

  • Colour: silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Shape: round
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