La gourmet 2 Litre Thermal Wonder Cooker

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La gourmet Top Of The Line Cookware meets the demands of the New Millenium

With the blending of advance technology and modern design, La gourmet brings you the La gourmet Thermal Wonder Cooker. It's an energy saving, time saving and healthy way to cook your food. La gourmet keeps on offering products that meets the demands of the new millenium.

Understanding the individual needs of customers & their personal priorities for quality of life, health, enviroment and security, this is what drives our customer focussed innovation.

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Advantages of thermal cooking
-ENERGY SAVING: Conducts heat quickly and uniformly. The food will continue cooking inside the Thermal Wonder Cooker
-TIME SAVING: 10 minutes cooking time is all you need. Cooking was never so easy or fast. As the food keeps cooking itself automatically using the heat accumulated inside. No further attention is needed like in traditional cooking methods.
-VERSATILITY: Suitable for any kind of cooking AND any kind of cooking hobs.
-SAFETY: Non-porous and non-reactive. Same material used for sugical instruments (18/10 Stainless Steel)
-HEAVY GAUGE: 2.5mm three-layer body and 2.3-2.5mm multi-ply encapsulated bottom gives superior heat distribution
-COOKING PERFECTION: Due to shorter real heating time, the food inside can be hardly over-cooked.
-HEALTHY COOKING: The full flavours of the food and nutriens are preserved.
-TRAVEL: Great for picnics, boating, camping and gathering as it cooks and keep food hot/cold anywhere for up to 8 hours. 


Thermal Wonder Cooker Outer Pot Lid 
-Made of heat insulation materials 

Inner Pot 
18/10 Stainless Steel 0.5mm Body 

Outer Pot 

Strenth & Comfort 
Specially welded cast handles 

Thermal Wonder Cooker Inner Pot 
Good for maintaining temperature of food inside 3ply 18/10 Encapsulated Bottom

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