La gourmet Tiffany's Polka Dot 200ml Thermal Slim Tumbler - Pink

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  • FIRST USE - Ensure La gourmet® Thermalware is cleaned with water and washing fluid prior to initial use. To remove any out of the box smell it is recommended to fill up with hot water and keep for a few hours (tea leaves can be added to the hot water if smell persists). Rinse and it is ready for use.
  • EXTERIOR - Wipe with damp soft cloth and polish with dry cloth.
  • INTERIOR - Use a long brush with a soft head to help in cleaning. Clean with water and dish washing liquid and rinse thoroughly.
  • STUBBORN STAINS - Remove coffee and tea deposits by adding a mixture of hot water and vinegar or lemon juice into flask/mug and soak for several hours, empty and rinse thoroughly. For very stubborn stains you can try a mixture of bicarbonate soda and hot water. Soak for several hours before rinsing.
  • DRYING - Dry with stopper and cap removed from the thermalware.
  • MAXIMUM HEAT/COLD RETENTION - Best results are achieved from your La gourmet® Thermalware by pre-rinsing it with hot water for hot drinks and cold water for cold drinks.
  • OVERFILLING - Do not overfill the La gourmet® Thermalware. The ideal liquid level should be 2-3cm below the rim to avoid spilling when re-opening and also to enable optimum insulation as there is an air gap between liquid and the lid.
  • CLOSE COVERS TIGHTLY - Ensure both the outside cover and the inner stopper are always tightly closed.
  • SUITABLE - For daily use for keeping hot or cold beverages etc.


  • For outer flask paint protection, DO NOT use abrasive scourer. Use soft sponge for cleaning.
  • Do not use in the microwave/oven
  • Do not use over direct flame.

1. 304 Stainless steel inner wall with copper lining
2. Available in Polka dots - Pastel Blue & Pink

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