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Metaltex Nizza Maxi 3-T On Wheels Silver

Metaltex Nizza Maxi 3-T On Wheels Silver


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Metaltex Tifone 2-T 26m - Neutral


Metaltex Bries Radiator

Metaltex Nizza Maxi 3-T On Wheels Silver

Quick Overview

'Faro 3' from Metaltex is a 3-tier fully foldable tower clothes airer, with a drying capacity of up to 28 meters. Which is comparable to a large washing machine load. The 6 self-supporting drying grids are individually foldable, leaving you the option to dry as much or as little washing as you like depending on load size.

Faro 3 facilitates laundry of all lengths. Large sheets, long curtains and towels can be hung from a top grid and have the length to hang down and dry. Smaller items can be spread across 3 grids and delicate items can also be laid flat. Any combination of functions can be utilised simultaneously.

When not in use, the clothes dryer folds completely flat for easy storage behind a door or in a utility cupboard. If you have limited space or only half a washing load, it can be used half open and fitted into a smaller space such as a downstairs bathroom or laundry room, by pushing it against a wall. No tools are required to erect the airer, just simply open out the frame at the top and lift as many drying grids as required.

Faro 3 is made from steel and coated in a modern matte silver finish with black fittings. There are also 4 revolving wheels to move the airer around easily. Product dimensions when open: 64 x 69 x 134 cm.


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  • Up to 28 metres drying capacity, create additional drying space in the home
  • 6 independently folding shelves, can be used half or fully open
  • Long items like trousers or towels can be hung vertically
  • Delicate washing can be laid flat without stretching
  • 4 rotating wheels for easy relocation, product size when open: 64 x 69 x 134 cm

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