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Cube Grater - Small but Mighty!

Small is the new big from tiny homes, to small apartments with limited storage. This compact box grater is shaped like a cube, and its small size is perfect to fill out the kitchen supplies checklist for the camper or RV motorhomes, or other small spaces. The most commonly used cheese graters either have fine, coarse or ribbon blades, and this grater has all 3. Grate parmesan cheese with the fine blade, grate cheddar cheese with the coarse blade.Foods like carrots, coconut and chocolate can be grated on the ribbon blade. The fine grater blade doubles as a zester to zest lemons and other citrus foods.

Cover, Container and Measuring Cup

This small box styled cheese grater comes with a clear multi-purpose container. Use the container to measure, using the measurement marks on the side. Or place extra left-over cheese in the container to keep for short periods. Or, store your cube grater inside to protect hands from the sharp blades.

3 Blades in 1

Featuring the most commonly used blades, this tool is perfect for small jobs or small spaces. When you don't have room for 3 different paddles, or only make dinner for 1 or 2 people, this compact grater with a fine, coarse and ribbon blade will serve you well.

Bi-Directional Ribbon Blade

The ribbon blade efficiently cuts both ways. Chocolate and coconut perform well on this blade, as well as other soft foods like zucchini and apples. All the ultra sharp blades on the cube grater are made in the USA.

Compact 3' x 3" x 3" Cube

Easy to use, just flip the cube grater until the desired blade is on top. Place the cube back into the container for easy measuring, or to just keep things neat. If using the grater without the container, grip the soft touch sides while grating. Rinse blades after use and either wash by hand, or place in the dishwasher. The container performs and looks better longer if hand washed.

A brand from USA

  • Microplane's cube grater makes preparing ingredients for your favorite dishes quick and convenient
  • Featuring three surgical grade stainless steel blades, each with a different grating style (Fine, Ribbon & Coarse), simply rotate the grater to put the desired blade pointing up, insert back into the catch/cover and start grating
  • The ingredients are conveniently collected and easily measured (up to 1.5-cups) for accurate addition to recipes, and prep mess is greatly reduced
  • Reusable protective cover with lid acts as a dual-purpose measuring, or storing feature
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe. Hand wash cover
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