TRAMONTINA CHAFING DISH ROUND (PWP Poliboy Steel Care Matt at RM19.90 usual RM27.90)

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Open the burner by turning the lid counterclockwise and fill it with alcohol gel. Do not exceed the height of the thread. Put only gel alcohol in the burner. Do not use liquid alcohol. Open the ventilation holes and light the fire through the central hole. To regulate the flame, actuate the shutter of the ventilation holes. Opening, you will get high flame and closing will have low flame. The recommended amount of alcohol ensures the flame is maintained for approximately 2 hours. After using the burner, remove the gel alcohol residue from the reservoir.

WARNING: Avoid accidents! When refilling the burner, make sure that the flame is completely extinguished.

A brand from Brazil.

- Made entirely of stainless steel, it does not loose any residue in the food, keeping them healthy. Its clean, no-corner design makes cleaning much easier. 
- The triple bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) distributes heat evenly, providing faster and more uniform cooking, saving energy and leaving food warmer for longer. 
- With glass lid, it allows to visualize the food. 
- Handles make transport easy. 
- Preserve food at the ideal temperature. 
- Suitable for use in buffets or events. 
- Supplied with stainless steel stove. 
- In addition to working as a rechaud, it can be used as a pan, simply remove it from the holder.

A brand from Brazil.

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