Poliboy Glass Ceramic Hob Care 200ml

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Glass Ceramic or induction are currently one in almost all kitchens as standard equipment. In addition to the energy saving cooking are often the easy to clean the smooth surface is a criteria to the range. However, the cooking surface that is easy to paint of sensitive against cooking and food residues. Then try to eliminate the waste to remove, of damaging the surface of the glass ceramic hobs is not completely eliminated. For cleaning and caring, therefore is special product Poliboy – Glass ceramic Care is essential. With regular use prevents a protective layer, which comes from a special silicone oil, the slip from sticking to the cooking residues and the consequently damage to the glass ceramic hobs. In addition to generate a wax is a beautiful, glossy finish, the can be easily polished and from quick dust. The use Nichtionischer emulsifiers for wax and oil provide a solvent free polish. Together with a mild polishing fabric support surfactant also be used to cleansing effect. These surfactant based on renewable materials and are biologically Fully abbaubar.Easy to use: Spray on – wipe clean, no polishing required

A brand from Germany

  • For glass ceramic
  • Thoroughly clean and gently cares for your floors
  • Protector film prevents damage from boil over
  • Streak-free elimination of fat splashes
  • Ideal accessory for a felt Boy hob scraper
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