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Brabantia 3 Litre Pedal Bin Brilliant Steel

Brabantia Pedal Bin 3 Litre + 5Litre Brilliant Steel


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Brabantia Pedal Bin 3 Litre + 5Litre Brilliant Steel

Quick Overview

Brabantia Pedal Bin

Brabantia’s 3 & 5 Litre Brilliant Steel Pedal Bin is the ideal homeware accessory for any bathroom, office or hobby room. With several smart features including an odour-trapping lid, a removable inner bucket and a non-skid base, the bin is everything you would expect from Brabantia.

Practical and stylish

With its 3 litre capacity and small dimensions - height 25.5 cm, width 17 cm - the pedal bin is the ideal size for those smaller spaces around the home. Easi-ly integrated into any bathroom or office interior, the Brilliant Steel Pedal Bin benefits from a odour-proof and silent solid metal lid which is operated by a light touch on the robust pedal mechanism.

Clever design

Not only does the Pedal Bin feature a non-skid base, which ensures that it’s stable on all surfaces, and a protective plastic floor ring, which is designed to reduce potential damage to your floor, but it also features a removable plastic inner bucket for easy cleaning.

Thanks to the bin’s corrosion resistant materials and robust construction the Brilliant Steel bin will look as stylish as the day that you purchased it.


Matching Brabantia PerfectFit Bin Liners with tie-tape (Size A) are available for the bin separately and have been designed to fit exactly avoiding any un-sightly over-wrap.

A brand from Netherlands


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