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Kilner Facetted Clip Top Jar 1.8L

Kilner Facetted Clip Top Jar 1.8L


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Kilner Facetted Clip Top Jar 1.8L

Quick Overview

The Kilner business was first established by John Kilner in England in 1842. Initially producing glass bottles and jars, it was towards the end of the 19th century when the original Kilner Jar was first invented.

The original jar is as much-loved and successful now as it was 175 years ago. Its long-lasting popularity is owed to its iconic design and distinctive pressure seal. Households all over the world trust it to successfully preserve and pickle their fruit and vegetables.

In the 1900s, Kilner presented its innovation as 'the original and the best, all other brands are substitutes'. This claim remains relevant and is a testament to its impressive heritage.

Kilner Clip Top Jars are constructed from durable, high-quality glass that is easy to clean and doesn’t take on residual odours, tastes or stains from food and drink.

Always use genuine Kilner Rubber Seals with your Kilner Clip Top Jars. These original seals are made from high-grade, food-safe, durable rubber that is perfect for all of your preserving needs.

Kilner Clip Top Jars feature premium-quality stainless steel clips that are engineered to ensure that the clip tension provides a perfect seal each and every time.

Since 1842, the original glass Kilner Jar has helped generations to successfully preserve and store food. The Kilner Facetted Clip Top range features a distinctive facetted design that is reminiscent of a bygone era. Robust and practical, Kilner Facetted Clip Top Jars are suitable for preserving fruits, pickles, jams and chutneys. They are also ideal for storing dry food stuffs such as rice, sugar, flour and lentils. Whether you choose to store dried, preserved or pickled food, the iconic Kilner airtight clip system is designed to keep foods fresher for longer.

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