Poliboy 500ml Grill Cleaner Spray

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The Poliboy grill cleaner is a cleaning agent that quickly and easily removes burnt-on and encrustations on grills and grill grates. As a universal, powerful cleaner, this product also removes stubborn dirt in ovens, microwaves, fireplaces, extractor hoods, pots, pans, fondue pots, woks, baking trays, etc. Poliboy grill cleaner is offered as an environmentally friendly spray bottle. Without propellant gas, the cleaner can simply be sprayed on dirty surfaces. Thanks to the directional spray jet, targeted spraying of small areas is also possible.

The cleaner remains particularly well on the surfaces thanks to a special gel formula, providing a longer exposure time for heavy soiling. In the Poliboy grill cleaner, all surfactants are completely biodegradable. In addition, the surfactants are based on renewable raw materials.

The cleaning formula contains special soot- and grease-dissolving substances to effectively remove the typical dirt in these areas. The cleaner requires only a short exposure time to remove coverings or dirt from the grill and its rust. Nevertheless, the material remains undamaged, even with frequent use.

The environmentally friendly design of this product is also reflected in the packaging. Here only slightly recyclable materials such as PET, PP and paper are used.

A brand from Germany


- Suitable for barbecues, ovens, pots, microwaves, etc.
- Cleans powerfully and thoroughly
- Strong adhesion - strong effect
- Contains special soot and grease-removing substances
- Made in Germany

Product Safety:

- Causes serious eye damage.
- Causes skin irritation.

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