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Poliboy Dustmaster car wet wipes are specially impregnated cloths, which have been specially developed for the entire interior of the car. Thanks to the special formula of the car wet wipes, in the cockpit fittings, trims, steering wheels, metal parts etc. can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly without damaging the surfaces. Maintains its natural look, does not slippery or sticky surfaces.

High quality perfume oils spread a natural, fresh fragrance. With selected ingredients, these wet wipes remove dirt and dust deposits with a wipe, without wiping, the surfaces are streak-free clean. Poliboy Staubmeister car wet wipes are impregnated with a special antistatic agent to significantly reduce dust deposits.

Poliboy Dustmaster car wet wipes are the ideal cleaning for in between. The packaging format is handy and space-saving and fits comfortably in any glove compartment. Always at hand, the cloths are also suitable for quick stain removal in case of mishaps such as spilling food on upholstery, floor or cladding. The practical cloths can also be used for smaller outdoor cleaning such as fly and mosquito residues.

A brand from Germany


- Versatile use: perfect for the entire interior of your car, boat or caravan. Ideal for all surfaces in cars, caravans, boats. fittings, plastic trims, steering wheels, cockpits or metal parts quickly and thoroughly without scratching or attacking the surfaces.
- Anti-static effect: anti-static formula for fast, streak-free cleaning of dust deposits and dirt. Dust is not swirled up, but held in the cloth. New deposits are significantly reduced.
- Like new: fresh fragrance, almost as if the car was new, long-lasting fragrance, pleasant feeling of freshness.
- Practical for small outdoor cleaning: fly and mosquito residues, pollen, insects on the paint and the window. Thoroughly without scratching the surfaces.
- A quality product from Poliboy: the classic for cleaning surfaces with high demands – proven millions of times and made in Germany for decades and used all over the world: Poliboy – cares like new!

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