Kitchen Craft Clock 25cm Copper

Kitchen Craft Clock 25cm Copper

Poliboy Worktop Oil 500ML

Poliboy Worktop Oil 500ML

Poliboy Furniture Polish Dark 100ML


Poliboy Fix Polish - Wonderful refreshment for damaged furniture.

The fix-new program is designed especially for stressed furniture surfaces. This means that the fix-new polishes are used to clean and maintain damaged furniture surfaces. The products clean extra strong, freshen up very well and eliminate water edges and alcohol stains, evaluate small scratches and make them disappear completely.

For light furniture, Poliboy fixneu polish is light intended, for dark furniture Poliboy fixneu polish dark. The fixneu polishes contain nourishing oils, intensively cleansing organic solvents, dyes to refresh the colour of the wood and expensive perfume oils. This composition has a cleansing, nourishing effect and helps furniture to a new look. Refurbishment by carpenters is often avoided. However, since no silicone oils are used, the surfaces can be painted over if required.

These polishes contain highly concentrated expensive white oils that make up the quality of this product. All polishes must be used without risk of health, as only tested and selected active ingredients are included. Poliboy fixneu polishes are also suitable for cleaning and care of slate, as the products do not contain emulsifiers and surfactants. This oil/solvent combination cleans slate well and gives a beautiful deep shine.


Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical advice and show the packaging or this label. Harmful to health: may cause lung damage if swallowed.

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  • Multiple effect: perfect for colour refreshing, stain removal and levelling small scratches on light stressed wood. Fixneu Polish is used to clean and care for stressed light wood and wood surfaces both indoors and outdoors: wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden stairs, window frames, wooden shelves, wooden furniture, wooden fences, wooden panels, wooden boats, wooden kitchens, wooden sports equipment. Everything will be like new again.
  • Natural ingredients: contains nourishing oils and brings particularly heavily stressed and unsightly wood back to its best. Like an anti-ageing treatment, cleans extra strongly and gives a beautiful deep shine while maintaining natural care.
  • Fresh kick: grey and matte colours are refreshed and immediately beautiful again. Deep cleaning without a carpenter's or professional: the polish thoroughly removes all grey veils and unsightly coatings, such as water marks, alcohol stains, nicotine, grease or wax. Small scratches, stubborn stains, marks, smears are removed by the polish. Also suitable for refreshing slate slabs and for removing stains on real parquet.
  • Trusted feeling: valuable fragrances give the polish the pleasant, light, non-biting, fresh and familiar Poliboy smell for decades. The bottle is made from 30% recycled, i.e. recycled old plastic from former drinks bottles.
  • Quality product from Poliboy: the classic in wood care and a brand of the century – proven millions of times and made in Germany for decades and used all over the world: Poliboy – cares like new!

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